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配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Academic life

Experience first-hand the challenge and excitement of studying at Roanoke

two students in a lab

配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Roanoke’s innovative core curriculum

配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Hear students explain how interesting topics engage them in academics and build life-long skills

A student sifting through dirt with her professor

History studies

Discover how history comes to life at Roanoke through hands-on learning

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配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Chemistry and Biochemistry majors Wojtera, Perkins and Wright

See how research builds their passion for careers in science

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配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Environmental Studies major Lea Lupkin

配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Find out how her internships have inspired here to dedicate herself to environmental causes

students working on a project at Mill Mountain with Dr. Baker

Business Administration

Learn how Roanoke students get first-hand experience developing a business plan for a local venture

Student leaning up against a tree

Psychology majors Urecki, Tripp and Gladfelter

配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Hear how undergraduate research gives these students an edge in jobs and grad school

Kaitlyn Bell

Honors student Kaitlyn Bell

配资平台 涨停跌停不能买卖Find out how professors help her connect her passions for travel, education and Spanish